Let’s pause for a commercial break. Literally. In real life, I am an advertising Copywriter/ Creative Director, and I’ve worked on a lot of sports brands (adidas, Nike, the WTA, ESPN, Fox Sports, etc.) The Olympics are starting today and that means HERE COME THE BIG SPORTS ADS! For me, it’s like the Superbowl of Superbowl ads for the Superbowl of all sports.

And Nike, or rather their advertising agency, Wieden and Kennedy just BROUGHT IT.

Get stoked, people. Sport is happening. Whoo!



Pretend Shopping Spree: Reebok

Like I said in my previous article about Reebok, I have a lot of respect for this funky, gritty, true to itself brand. They’re doing great work right now. And they’re making some great looking workout wear. For to enjoy: Reebok.

1. Combat Bralette $60 2. CrossFit High Impact Bra $70 3. Reebok X Tristan Eaton Collage Tight $65  4. Dance Shattered Glam Tight $55  5. Cardio Woven Jacket $110  6. Reebok X Face Stockholm $50