Sweating is great. It’s proof you’re working, and it’s a badge of honor. But butt sweat is not cute. More importantly, it’s distracting and it can make you self-conscious during your workout, or even make you bail early.  And we don’t want that.

Here are some tips to achieve NO B.S. (no (visible) butt sweat) during hard workouts:

1. No cotton pants. Not even black. Sweat. Will. Show. Up.

2. You want the fake stuff. Sweat wicking is good.

3. Thick or thin but not in-between. Thicker fabrics tend to be higher-quality. Thinner ones let moisture evaporate quickly.

4. Patterns are your friend. The best defense is to go on the offense with a pattern so even if you do sweat a lot, nobody will notice.

5. CYA combos are an option. (CYA=Cover Your Ass = pant + skirt combos aka Two-in-ones).

6. Test your fabric before hand. Put some water on it and see what you see.

7. I love the color grey more than I love people. But I will NEVER buy a pair of grey workout pants. Hint hint.

8. Obviously, something dark and baggy on bottom is the safest bet. But that’s not always the best for your workout, so, see above and below.

9. If all else fails, you can always wear a long tunic-style top.

10. And don’t forget to Wipe. Down. The Equipment. Please.


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