Wedgie Fit Jeans

Wow. Just wow.

I can’t. I mean. I just…But why? How gross? I’m so old! This makes me hate young hipsters even more. I didn’t think it was possible. But apparently it is….So weird! I guess it’s not just the same old thing, so props for that. But…I…I don’t know! Whatever. Have fun at your stupid festivals, you ugly-worshipping weirdos. I guess…huh. Just…huh. And also: Hmmm. And also: Hmmph. And also: Don’t forget your One Wipe Charlies?

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.51.34 AM


One thought on “Wedgie Fit Jeans

  1. Normcore strikes again! I don’t understand the trend towards ugly (for the most part – I am eyeing a pair of Birkenstocks for springtime), and have seen some pretty hideous things over the last year or so. This ‘wedgie jean’ blew my mind, though; they remind me of the ‘mom jeans’ SNL commercial, except, you know, they’re not a joke. (I think, anyway… maybe normcore IS one big joke.)

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