Wish me luck.

So. Girl who talks about workout clothes. Are you working out? What are you doing for fitness these days? Are you trying to lose the baby weight? Like, at all? Because…yeah. You might want to start working on that. You will have to wear pants soon. Winter is coming.



Yeah. I am. For nutrition, I’m doing Whole30. Which is basically: don’t eat anything processed, and no starches, legumes, sugars, fake sugars, booze, or dairy. I do a lot of that already, but the hard part is ditching the Coke Zero, Pinot Noir and Quest Bars, and watching my portions. I basically live on Coke Zero, Pinot Noir, and Quest Bars, so…yeah. It’s going to be something.

And for fitness, I’m doing Bikini Body Mommy. I know. Worst name ever. I cringe at anything “mommy.” BUT, the program is super simple, the workouts are short as hell, they email you a link to your (free) workout every day so it’s duh-proof, and the lady, Briana Christine, is very real. She’s not skinny. She lost 100 lbs a while back, (in fact, if you’ve ever searched for fitspo or before and afters, you’ve probably seen her photo, below) became a trainer, has had kids and a miscarriage, and is just continuing the lifelong, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, mission to be fit. So she has expertise, and she’s done it, but at the same time, she’s in a “before” phase of her life and she’s huffing and puffing so I don’t feel intimidated. (I’m doing challenge 4.0.) Kind of a magical combo. I recommend it.


This is the Bikini Body Mommy lady.

The workouts are very short, though. So I’m trying to get my steps and fit in some barre workouts, too. I stand by barre/ Dailey Method / Barre Amped / Physique 57 etc. as the quickest way to change your shape.

But the point is, I’m on turbo for the next 30 days and I’m not stoked about it because, ew. Effort. Change. Blech. Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Wish me luck.

  1. Those before and afters are very impressive! I’ve done Pure Barre- great workout- but the studio is wayyy too far from my house to make it a regular thing, especially now that I’m working full time. I’m doing PiYo next and hoping for the Barre-esque results I’ve seen in my friends who have completed the program!

    • Awesome! When you’re done with PiYo, check out Dailey Method. They sell their DVDs in their studios and online. I also like Barre Amped (it’s a little easier, though). Physique 57 isn’t my favorite, mostly because of the cheesy commentary, but I can handle it on mute.
      and to be clear, that’s not me in the before and after. That’s the Bikini Body Mommy lady.

  2. I considered doing these workouts even though I’m not a mommy. I did cringe at the start of her videos because I got super sick of hearing, “hi bikini body mommies!” after previewing about 3 workouts. Ew.

    I’m all for short workouts if they are very challenging and effective. I’m currently doing T25, so I’m just not sure these challenge is going to do it for me (unless I combine it with another).

    Are you finding it difficult or fairly easy to get through?

    • I agree. I don’t think the BBM workouts are hard. They’re too short to be “hard.” I’m thinking of them as like 1/3 of the boot camp class I used to go to, as a way to get different muscles working again, and mostly MOSTLY as an easy way to get back in the habit of working out every day. But if you did her strength, cardio, and ab routines from each week all on the same day, that would be closer to a solid workout. (the HITT boot camp I used to go to was 45 minutes long.)I almost prefer doing two back to back instead of a shorter one every day. Also, I can’t bounce at all, so I can’t make these workouts as intense as they could be. If you can do T25, you’re beyond BBM. 🙂 Go on with your bad self!

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